The quest to know who we are, where we came from, and how we came to be the family we are now, is a powerful emotional desire, at some point in most everyone’s life.

What is the legacy do you want to pass on?

By recording the stories, with your loved ones, you’re more confident that they understand what you’re sharing and that they comprehend the emotions you have about the subjects being discussed.

Pass on the answers to questions not yet asked.

For the sheer joy of storytelling – it energizes and uplifts the spirit.

Honor the past and pay tribute to the people who have shaped your life.

Create a priceless legacy of memories, stories and photographs for current and future generations.

Explain your actions and decisions, and give insight and perspective into the experiences that have influenced you.

Communicate your values, beliefs and ethics.

Offer advice to your children (or anyone else!) based on your mistakes, successes and observations

Get your story off your chest, set the record straight and achieve peace of mind.

Help others see you in a different dimension than the one they see now.

Do something valuable that only you can do.

What elevates a common yard sale item to a major Auction House?

It’s the story that gets to be told by the owner.

Christies and Southebys are two famous auction houses that sell some ordinary items for extraordinary prices. The items themselves aren’t what drives the price up, it’s the story that goes with it. You can also see that happen on the Antiques Road Show program, on public TV. A beaten up desk worth $20,000, crazy? Oh, it was used by Napoleon – what a deal!  That old wrench with the OW stamped on it?, grandpa got it from the Wright Brothers when he was a kid.

The stories attached to many of your items are what makes them priceless to you. Make sure your children and grandchildren know and appreciate the stories of your treasured items, so they don’t end up getting donated to a thrift store one day.

Our book “Heartfelt Memorial Services” is full of ideas and materials to help you share and record your stories in meaningful ways.

See for additional materials and video examples.