Make Family Stories and History a Part of Your Conversations with Your Kids and Grandkids using this Q&A game

You choose the kind of rewards for fully or partially correct answers.
Maybe play for points toward an outing for ice cream or a prize of an early inheritance of a treasured item. Use each question to stimulate others with the names and relations in your family.


For 25 cents – What are your grandmothers middle and maiden names?

Where was dad born?   5 cents state?   10 cents city?    50 cents hospital?  $1 time?  $2 weight?

For a dollar – What kind of tree did I fall out of, and break my arm, when I was 10.

You know me as Grandpa. What is my whole real name?  Who was I named after?

What name is on my birth certificate?

What year was mom born?

What college degree did grandma get and from which school and what year?

What are your great grandparents names?

Where was your dad stationed in the army?

What countries did your ancestors come from?

Where did I live on as a child?

What sports did I play in college?

What kind of work did I do as a teenager ?

How old am I?

Where do I live? City? Street name?

What’s my phone number?

Etc… Etc…

When your family gathers for a special occasion, be sure to schedule time to share and record your stories and history for yourselves and future generations.

It’s a meaningful and priceless gift for current and future generations of your extented family.

Don’t you wish you had a video of your parents and grandparent sharing their stories and fond memories?