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Beverly Molander and Dave Savage

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Beverly Molander and Dave Savage share detailed and practical advice, ideas, experiences to help you create a moving, meaningful and heartfelt memorial service or ceremony regardless of your personal or our family’s religious or non religious preferences.

Our book, website and consultation can also help you to create heartfelt and practical experiences when you and your family gather for care giving, saying goodbye, loss and remembrances.

Part of what makes our book and website unique is our passion for encouraging you to share and record your family’s stories and history whenever you gather. Our materials and ideas will show you how to capture the voice and personality of your loved ones as they share what is most important to them. This is a priceless gift for all in the present and a legacy for future generations.

Our book is designed as reference and resource, so each chapter can stand alone. We invite you to turn to the sections that fit your needs and circumstances in the moment, and return to Heartfelt Memorial Services again and again. Some information will be duplicated in different forms. Please find the topics that resonate most with you.

In this book and also on our website we have included many links to related organizations, services, and products. Our website provides expanded and updated information as well as advice and experience from professionals and individuals  around the world. We welcome your contributions. Please let us know about people and groups  that provide similar support during the transition of a loved one.

There are many times each year that we think of and miss loved ones who passed away months, years and decades ago. We’ve included ideas and materials to create special times of remembrance when you are alone or with lots of others who want to remember and celebrate the lives of family and friends in heartfelt  ways.

Eulogies are often one of the most dreaded and difficult things to write or even start.
Our book and website includes lots of inspiring ideas, words, phrases and examples of touching eulogies and readings to make the task easier and more rewarding.

We married May 2nd, 2015

A Note from Beverly

As a focus minister with an international organization called Centers for Spiritual Living, I am also a funeral officiant who has led and participated in many memorial celebrations, services, and ceremonies. I have noticed the challenges faced by so many who find themselves at a loss to plan and carry out these important gatherings. While many of us are eager to embrace new ideas about how we can live life more fully, we get stumped when it comes to planning a funeral or memorial service for someone we love. Often, those stuffy older traditions around death and dying are no longer aligned with how we feel and don’t seem to fit the ways we’d like to honor a loved one who has passed.

After seeing so many people struggle around this issue I decided to create a book that offers a new perspective and full permission  to create a new way of looking at this last life passage. Heartfelt Memorial Services is a practical resource designed to support you in a difficult time by providing ideas and inspiration for a unique and memorable service of remembrance or celebration.

As a Baby Boomer among those born between 1946 and 1964, I have been a part of the generation that has shifted the outlook and attitude about every decade of life. It began with the “Make Love, Not War” slogans during the Vietnam era. We took a new road, moving more, divorcing more, having fewer kids and having them later in life, and tending more toward beliefs that were more spiritual or secular than religious.

Today, members of my generation are losing parents and entering the fall and winter of their own years. As we do, we are redefining the way we look at life and death.  It seems only natural that those of us with an eclectic spiritual history would want to do something a little different from past traditional funeral/memorial service planning.

With past affiliation with a variety of traditions, including Catholicism, Southern Baptist, Unitarian Universalist, and Centers for Spiritual Living, I have found positive aspects from many religious and faith traditions. Although this book is for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or tradition, we made the decision to include certain topics, such as readings and music for people who have been previously disenfranchised, including those who define themselves as spiritual but not religious and those who prefer a non-traditional, even unconventional, approach.

While we were writing Heartfelt Memorial Services we realized that we were writing about honoring relationships more than simply planning a memorable event. Relationships don’t begin or end with a memorial service. The loved one can be honored and appreciated long before and long after the actual death.

A Note from Dave

I come from an extended family that excels at and takes great pleasure in marking lifecycle events in meaningful and creative ways. My parents, along with  their extended family  and family friends, were and are wordsmiths and excellent lifecycle event organizers. They are role models for me and my generation and I hope for the generations to follow. Their gifts of deeper relationships and my own memories of the ceremonies they created have helped to shape many of the resource offerings included in this book.

I was brought up in a loving home that religiously could be described as Jewish Humanist. In holiday celebrations, “God” references were generally left out in favor of references to family values and connection…

For more than twelve years I led a Jewish holiday celebration group for adults and families. Affiliated with the Society for Humanistic Judaism (SHJ.org), this group offered a culture-centered approach to Judaism. Many mixed-faith families attended, which led to a further use of inclusive and welcoming language for the many holiday and life-cycle services and ceremonies I created. I was also active in a Unitarian congregation for more than twenty-five years, creating and participating in all kinds of services and ceremonies. This afforded me the opportunity to witness a variety of end-of-life markers and celebrations and expand my awareness of the importance of these events.
As owner of Memory Keepers Video, I have recorded many kinds of religious and life-cycle gatherings, including memorial services and funerals. I encourage families and friends to use those special times before and after an event to share and record their treasured memories and family histories.

As a volunteer at a local hospice, I organized and recorded individuals and families as they share their memories and messages with those they love, to be passed on as part of a rich and heartfelt family legacy. During our time together, many of these individuals demonstrate the unique skills and talents that they are known for to family, friends, and acquaintances.

Perhaps an even more personal reason for writing this book is to help me prepare for the services I will need to arrange for my parents, who are currently in their eighties. They continue to be great role models for me, and I want to find ways to honor them before and after their passing. At the same time, I am recording my own preferences for those who will one day be planning ceremonies for me.

Memorial Services: Your Guide for Planning Meaningful Funerals, Celebrations of Life and Times of Remembrance.