8 unique ways to bring out your family stories, history and talents at your next family gathering:

If you don’t record it, you, extended family and future generations will long regret it.  Think of the treasured meaningful video recordings that you don’t have because someone didn’t take the initiative make it happen or an elder didn’t think anyone cared what he had to share.

There are millions of people searching for snippets of their family history through websites like Ancestry.com  You hold the key to the questions that current and future generations want to know about those who are still around to share their memories, skill and advice.

♦ Grandpa reads to future and perhaps current children in the extended family.
Using books from previous generations makes it more meaningful.

♦ Grandma teaches the meaning of special words and phrases from her heritage to strengthen the ethnic identity of the grandchildren.

♦ Grandpa demonstrates how he makes his famous pot roast.

♦ Grandpa does a show and tell with the items in his tool box and shows how to use his tools that the grandchildren will inherit one day.  A show and tell session of any collection is worthwhile

♦ You show the Ellis Island documents and heirlooms you inherited from your elders.

♦ People tell about shared adventures and fond memories in groupings.

♦ A family talent show is fun and showcases traditional, fun and strange talents.
The Johnson family sings, niece Emily plays the violin, Cousin Mike shows how to do some magic tricks, brother     Sid shows how he makes paper hats and you do the tap dance you learned as a child..

♦ Everyone participates to remember and fill in the missing parts of a large family tree. People bring their documents and family pictures to fill in the details.