Using soil of significance in ceremonies

Using soil of significance enables you to have a planting / gardening related ceremony when the loved one is buried or when, where and why the spreading of ashes is not advisable or possible.

Family and friends coming to the ceremony bring a bit of soil from:
Where he lived over time
Where he wanted to visit
Where significant events of his life happened
Where fond shared memories were created

In ceremonies:
Each person shares the story of the significance of the place, where the soil came.
Provide the option, to the group, that they can also do this in silence for a private memory.

What can be done with the soil:
The soil can be combined in a container as each person shares
The soil can be put into a labeled display and given to the family
The soil can be put into a decorative container and added to the casket
The soil can be put in the grave
The soil can be mixed with clay or other binder and made into a decorative object
The soil can be spread in a significant place, perhaps mixed and pour out with the ashes
The soil can be mixed with other soil in a planter that goes in a place of meaning
The soil can be placed in the bottom of a hole where a memorial tree is planted
The soil can be spread on a grave site after the burial

We promote and share the value of having REMEMBERING ceremonies as part of many of the activities and events of our immediate and extended family. Whenever family and friends gather, there is significance in remembering and appreciating.

Dave Savage and Beverly Molander
Educators and Authors
Heartfelt Memorial Services:
Your guide for Planning Meaningful funerals, Celebrations of Life and TIMES OF REMEMBRANCE