For many of these questions you can add a follow up questions such as…

What would you like me know or do from your experience?

What name is on your birth certificate?  What is the story about your name?

Is there another name you’d like better for me to call you?

What foods didn’t you like at as a kid?  Are there some you still don’t like?

Are there some foods you hated  as a kid that you like now?

Did you have music lessons?  What instrument?  How long did you take lessons?

What did learning an instrument do for you?

Do you remember some family trips?  Tell me about a couple of them.

What were your parents like?

What were some of you favorite toys?:

Do you still have any of them?

Did you have a secret box of things?  What was in it?

Did you have bicycles?  tell me about them.

Do you have any bicycle trip adventure stories?

Do you know how to swim?  How did you learn?

Did you win any awards as a kid?  For what?

Who were some of your best friends, as a kid?

What are some of your best friend adventure stories?

Did you go to summer camp?

What are some of your memories of summer camp?

What kind of clothes did you wear as a kid?

How did you get to elementary school. middle and high school?

Did you go to the high school prom?  Tell me about it?

What kind of dances did you do as a teenager?

What are some of your treasured memories that few people know about?

What skills can you teach me now or when I’m older?

Did you ever want to run away from home?

What was your experience of being different or feeling different in school?

Did you get picked on or bullied in school?

What was your experience?  What is your advice now?

What great adventures can we start planning to do together when I reach certain ages or achievements?

How can we make our short times together more meaningful for you and me?