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I purchased Heartfelt Memorial Services because it addressed a relevant and important topic of interest, both personally and professionally.  As a gerontologist, Fellow in Thanatology, author and funeral officiant, I am always seeking venues to broaden my knowledge regarding how to thoughtfully and creatively acknowledge our final departures.  Heartfelt Memorial Services is an incredibly comprehensive book, preparing readers for every aspect of a genuine and celebratory heartfelt memorial service!  Beverly Molander and Dave Savage usher readers through the finite details, to the broad topics, in a book that most certainly delivers!  Full of important tips, protocol, creative ideas and useful information, I especially appreciated the highly relevant information in Appendix 1, “What Not to Say and What to Say.”  I absolutely recommend this book for those desiring to plan a Heartfelt Memorial Service for themselves or those they love!
Holley Kelley, M.S., C.P.G., FT
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Bevvy Ann!

I need three more of your books. I would like for you and Dave to sign each for I intend them as gifts, and hold each book to be an icon, or artifact in and of itself.
An inscription from the creator(s) can only enhance their intrinsic value.
Please address one to N___, my friend whose Mother is close to passing.
And another to S____. The third for me, since I keep giving mine away, but need this important reference for myself. Better make it four books.
Everybody’s gonna need one sooner or later!
This would mean a great deal to me.
I feel so very lucky and grateful to have you as my friend and mentor.

Synopsis: Collaboratively written by Beverly Molander (an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, and is a radio host of a weekly show on Unity Online Radio) and Dave Savage (founder and producer of Memory Keepers Video, a company that helps individuals and families create a legacy through family storytelling and sharing that will be passed on for generations to come), “Heartfelt Memorial Services” is an instructional guide that will provide valued and practical information to families and individuals who are: Anticipating and preparing for the death of a loved one; Having “The Conversation” with their elders about end-of-life choices and options; Looking for ways to bring together friends and family with a sense of unity and integrity, even when different belief systems may appear to be a stumbling block; Creating an inspiring celebration-of-life / tribute gathering while the person is still there to enjoy it; Wishing to ease the burden on the family by planning for your own eventual death. Funeral professionals and service providers will especially value the unique ideas and advice to serve their clients.

Critique: Impressively well written, exceptionally well organized, and thoroughly ‘user friendly’ in presentation, “Heartfelt Memorial Services: Your Guide for Planning Meaningful Funerals, Celebrations of Life and Times of Remembrance” will prove to be an enduringly valued and appreciated addition to professional and community library instructional reference collections.   Midwest Book Review, MBR Bookwatch
Helen Dumont – Helen’s Bookshelf  2015 MidwestBookReview.com

“We are not born into this world with an instruction book on how to live, and neither are we left with one that guides us upon leaving. Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, Beverly Molander and Dave Savage offer a wealth of information in Heartfelt Memorial Services on how to endure and honor this transition we call death, and with the utmost respect.”Kent Smith Adams, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and author of Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed

“Sometimes the greatest awakening is when death stares us squarely in the face. Heartfelt Memorial Services inspires us with unique ideas about how we can bring meaning to end of life experiences for our loved ones and ourselves. It is encouraging to know that we can pick up this guide anytime we need to think clearly about what to do next.” Elise Ballard, Author of Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage and Transform, and creator of EpiphanyChannel.com.)

“Heartfelt Memorial Services is a great book!…thoughtful and insightful, a true gem. I will suggest it for all of my friends and colleagues who are hitting middle age and having to take responsibility for memorial services for loved ones”.  Maurice Baker, President, Corporate Volunteer Council of Atlanta

“Memorial services and funerals are things we avoid talking about – or even thinking about. Yet, when someone you love dies, these gatherings of family and friends are a final act of love and celebration. You want to get it right. This book is a guide for planning a service that encompasses heart and soul. I suggest having an extra copy on hand because you’ll find yourself loaning yours to close friends at those poignant times when they need it most. They’ll thank you for it.”  Ira Byock, MD, Chief Medical Officer, The Institute for Human Caring; professor, Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine; author of Dying Well, and The Best Care Possible

“Beverly and Dave provide great value in their resource guide, Heartfelt Memorial Services. It’s not so much that they offer a great number of ideas and references, rather it is that they take what is one of the most difficult subjects, the death of a loved one, and provide a simple, gentle road map to guide us. I was particularly pleased to see the materials that address interactions before the death of someone you love, and many suggestions that minimize the awkwardness for those who are most ill at ease. For a passage that is so important for the living, the time is long past due for a book such as this.  Ron Chapman, MSW Author of ‘A Killer’s Grace www.AKillersGrace.com

“I love it and think it is AWESOME – I never dreamed it would be so comprehensive. Off hand, I can’t think of any more to add – you guys did a great job”  Walter Coffey – President LeadingAgeGA.org

“With grace and gentility Beverly Molander and Dave Savage offer us an important, brilliant book that brings to light and awareness a delicate subject that each one of us is called upon to address at some point in our lives, often unexpectedly—the deeply emotional, profound experience of celebrating and honoring loved ones as they leave their physical presence. The authors take you by the hand, embrace you with love and kindness and understanding, and give you thoughtful, elegant, intelligent, practical guidance at a time when you need it most. I know this book will help so many people in creating a conscious and comforting relationship with the ultimate life transition, making it matter in a sacred experience. This book is a true gift to humanity.”  Dianne Collins, Creator of QuantumThink® and author of award-winning bestseller, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World www.diannecollins.com

“Heartfelt Memorial Services shares considerable knowledge and insight, and I believe this advice will help us to facilitate family participation and maintain our relevance in a changing world.”  Elizabeth Fournier, Green Burial Advocate and owner of Cornerstone Funeral Services www.CornerstoneFuneral.com

“a much needed and loving guide to assist us in times of transition. Beautifully written with heart-centered suggestions and comfort.”   Edwene Gaines

“I have nothing but the highest of praise for this book, Heartfelt Memorial Services. It came into my life as I was preparing the memorial service for my beloved sister-in-law and it could not have been more inspiring and supportive for me at a difficult time. I praise this collection of thoughtful ideas and inspiration for memorial services of all types. It was a blessing to have so many loving, and meaningful ideas to consider. This book is indispensable to anyone – whether spiritual director, minister, friend or family member to have in their possession. It gave me wonderful support, was relevant and most of all, heartfelt and loving, and supported me in transmitting those qualities through this service. Thank you to Beverly and Dave for providing this invaluable resource.”  Dr. Deborah Gordon


“We heartily recommend Heartfelt Memorial Services to our clients and keep available in our own library for ready-reference. It covers numerous difficult issues relating to death including planning a funeral service for yourself or for a beloved family member.”

Dr. Gloria C. Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley www.opentohope.com


“Heartfelt Memorial Services is chock full of compassionate, sensible, and helpful advice for dealing with a subject that is impossible for most of us. I am grateful to have this in my library and delighted to recommend it to my friends and clients…an invaluable resource.  M. Marcy Jones, J.D., Author of Graceful Divorce Solutions

“Heartfelt Memorial Services…is a book that should be in every family’s home. Beverly and Dave have taken a very difficult subject and created a compendium of compassionate and practical steps to follow to get you through the process, the entire process, of losing a loved one.” Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones, award winning author of The Art of Uncertainty – How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It


“Heartfelt Memorial Services is a richly woven gift for one of life’s hardest times, the death of a love one. A must for every minister, pastor, priest and all who facilitate the end of life services. Complete with samples in all aspects of the loving handling of all the post-death business arrangements, I found myself wanting one to assist me in talking with my mother and siblings as well as my children. Every church, and spiritual gathering place will greatly benefit from you sharing your wisdom. This beautiful book will help us openly and lovingly discuss the tender, deeply personal and private end of life time.” Barbara Leger, Founder, Spiritual Director TEMENOS: Center for Self-Realization & TEMENOS: Center for Spiritual Living

Accessible and organized guidance fills the pages of this wise and even entertaining volume. I will recommend this to all who are preparing for peace at life’s end. A beautiful memorial service adds grace to the closing line of the story of our lives.”   Monica Williams-Murphy MD, Emergency Physician, Medical Director for Advanced Care Planning and End of Life Education Programs Huntsville Area Hospital and Healthcare Author of It’s OK to Die When you are Prepared, OKtoDie.com

“I will certainly recommend Heartfelt Memorial Services to my fellow professionals and friends who need this kind of resource.  Linda Patton, CSL Practitioner

“Heartfelt Memorial Services is comprehensive, providing valuable information, templates and resources to make an otherwise difficult process much easier. The authors take into consideration a grieving family member’s reduced ability to function and heightened need for answers and direction.  Lori Anne Rising, www.AuthorshipforExpert.com

If you are a Celebrant or Funeral Director, grab a cup of coffee and sit back. Beverly Molander and Dave Savage have created an easy to read book chock full of information. Heartfelt Memorial Services is a must-have resource if you help families write obituaries, plan personalized services or deliver eulogies. As a bereavement counselor I recommend it highly.  Barbara Rubel, MS, BCETS, CBS, Author, But I Didn’t Say Goodbye and Death, Dying and Bereavement

www.griefworkcenter.comBeverly, I was so impressed with this service and for your facilitation of this important closure for my friend Alyssa. She said that it was all that she hoped it would be…. and thanked me for referring her to you, No matter what our spiritual beliefs, or if we have none at all, the need for this type of ritual is a part of our DNA as human beings.  Deborah Sorgel

“For over 75 years, People’s Memorial Association has helped people plan for and accomplish simple, dignified, and unique memorial services and funerals. Heartfelt Memorial Services is an indispensable and comprehensive compilation of what we’ve learned and recommend to our families in a single volume, along with things we’ve still not yet had the chance to include. While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to honor our dead, grieve for them, and mourn, here is a thoughtful, well-considered guide to all of those things. Every person involved in or responsible for planning a memorial of any sort should have access to (and read!) this book, especially professionals in the field.”  Rod Stout, Former president and board member, People’s Memorial Association, Seattle, WA www.peoplesmemorial.org

This is absolutely wonderful! I would consider estate planners having this for their clients. I would consider nursing homes having these as a take away for loved ones, or even a class for residents to plan their own service. Every funeral home should have these available. Gift shops should offer this with a tasteful display.
Every attorney who does wills should include this in their package. All these people who have free seminars on investing could include this for anyone who makes an appointment for follow up.  Jan Snyder – Business adviser and person experienced in the loss journey

What a loving and remarkably complete resource guide for anyone who seeks to offer a complete and lasting memory of a beloved’s life. This is absolutely the best and most comprehensive book on the subject of memorial service planning that I have ever encountered and I’ve been doing this work for over 30 years. What a blessing!  Rev. Dr. John B. Waterhouse, President, Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, Colorado CSL.org and Co-Founding Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville. North Carolina CSLashville.org
Death touches all of our lives. Sometimes, the loss of a loved one sneaks up on us. Sometimes, we have months, even years to expect the end. But few will skate through life avoiding the need to plan a memorial service to honor a human life. In Heartfelt Memorial Services: Your Guide for Planning Meaningful Funerals, Celebrations of Life, and Times of Remembrance, co-authors Beverly Molander and Dave Savage come alongside to help us do this through mindful celebrations.

For decades, Molander and Savage have helped mourners plan services to express the best of the dear departed. Now they have compiled ideas for almost any type of service imaginable. In addition, they propose the higher practice of not waiting until someone has passed to embrace and celebrate their life. In the spirit of inclusion, the authors support a wide variety of beliefs about life and death, time and presence. You will find planning help here, whether the occasion is for the love of your life, a little known distant relative or yourself.

Years ago, I received a phone call informing me that my previously healthy mate had died on an out of town trip. In the course of a six minute phone call, my world turned upside down. As shattered as I was, I recall confiding in a friend, “I couldn’t plan a coffee break at Starbucks right now. How will I ever plan his service?” I wish “Heartfelt Memorial Services” had been in my library at the time. Whether your idea of a grand farewell involves a pub crawl or is more along the lines of high mass, this is a book that helps celebrate life even in the face of death. Gail Weatherill RN, The Dementia Nurse,, Blog Caregiver Road www.thedementianurse.com

Professionals, in a wide range of categories and roles, can use private label – custom content editions of our book for marketing, staff training and client appreciation gifts.

Memorial Services: Your Guide for Planning Meaningful Funerals, Celebrations of Life and Times of Remembrance.  Dave Savage and Beverly Molander  HeartfeltMemorialServices.com  CreateSpace.com/5070036 and Amazon