Heartfelt Memorial Services
Beverly Molander and Dave Savage 

Heartfelt Memorial Services…is a book that should be in every family’s home. Beverly and Dave have taken a very difficult subject and created a compendium of compassionate and practical steps to follow to get you through the process, the entire process, of losing a loved one.  Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones, award winning Author of The Art of Uncertainty – How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It dennismerrittjones.com

If you are a Celebrant or Funeral Director, grab a cup of coffee and sit back. Beverly Molander and Dave Savage have created an easy to read book chock full of information. Heartfelt Memorial Services is a must-have resource to plan personalized ceremonies and remembrance activities. As a bereavement counselor, I recommend it highly.  Barbara Rubel, MS, BCETS, CBS, Author of But I Didn’t Say Goodbye and Death, Dying and Bereavement griefworkcenter.com

We enjoy sharing our ever-growing body of materials, ideas, advice, resources, and connections, to families and the many professions who find themselves in a situation to provide related topic advice.
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Dave is also on the education committee of the Memorial Society of Georgia and the sister organization, the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia. He has included dozens of articles and resource lists that help families have informed conversations about what they would like done with and for each other.

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