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We want to introduce ourselves [authors Beverly Molander & Dave Savage] with a quote from one of our readers who describes our book perfectly:

quotebubble“With grace and gentility Beverly Molander and Dave Savage offer us an important, brilliant book that brings to light and awareness a delicate subject that each one of us is called upon to address at some point in our lives, often unexpectedly—the deeply emotional, profound experience of celebrating and honoring loved ones as they leave their physical presence. The authors take you by the hand, embrace you with love and kindness and understanding, and give you thoughtful, elegant, intelligent, practical guidance at a time when you need it most. I know this book will help so many people in creating a conscious and comforting relationship with the ultimate life transition, making it matter in a sacred experience. This book is a true gift to humanity.”

Dianne Collins, Creator of QuantumThink® and Author of award-winning bestseller, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World  diannecollins.com

Above is just one of our book Endorsements & Praises from authors and readers! We are truly blessed to share our book with everyone in their time of need.


Why did we create our book “Heartfelt Memorial Services”?

  • I’ve seen too many lifecycle events where many opportunities for creating or enhancing ceremonies were missed. And in the same events, many logistical matters were not thought of or planned for effectively. These situations reduce the emotional impact that the event could have had.

What is the purpose of “Heartfelt Memorial Services” website and book?

  • To help families create better relationships through more rewarding interactions
  • To provide insights, ideas and resources for advise-givers and to enhance their professional and client relationships by providing added value to their jobs
  • To provide a unique and well-regarded marketing, education/training tool and ‘gift’ product alternative for service providers and organizations
    • A) What is in your background that led you to this decision?
      25 years as a congregational leader creating and organizing ceremonies, services and events and 20 years as a family stories and lifecycle event videographer
    • B) What do you hope to receive from this experience?
      Income, professional recognition, great new relationships, travel, fun
    • C) What are your goals for the reader?
      The readers will:

      • improve relationships with family and friends
      • plan and create more wonder family ceremonies that are emotionally satisfying and uplifting
Authors Beverly Molander & Dave Savage

Authors Beverly Molander & Dave Savage
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